“Chris Kennedy a leader among leaders – one with an in-depth knowledge of the political process and a willingness to share with people at all levels. I believe in Chris and will work hard for him to be elected as our next State Representative in House District 23.”

– Irene Griego, CU Regent for CD7

“Chris entered politics for all the right reasons: to improve the lives of all Coloradans. We met Chris when he was chair of the Jefferson County Democrats and shepherded a resolution supporting marriage equality from the LGBT Caucus all the way into the state Democratic platform. A few years later, he danced with us at our wedding! Chris is fair, caring, a good listener, informed, principled, hard-working, and he is well prepared to take office.”

– Lauren Fortmiller & Pamela Thiele, Lakewood residents

“Chris is smart and hard-working, and he understands the issues facing our communities and state. House District 23 and the Lakewood community are well represented by Chris in the State House and I am honored to support him.”

– Ed Perlmutter, Congressman for CD7

“Now that my kids have gone back to school, I’d love to help you with your campaign.  You helped my community with the Jeffco Schools Facilities master plan, because you LISTENED to people. I strongly feel that you should be elected. You took my community’s concern and made it your own.  You went above and beyond by finding a viable solution that satisfied everyone involved!”

– Cynthia Goodberry, Stober Elementary mom

“It was nice to see an actual candidate come to my door personally.  I am usually against canvassing (especially by phone) and find it annoying, but to be personally asked about what issues matter to me is a huge plus.  I have little faith in politics, partly because of that disconnect with real interaction, but Chris actually got me interested in looking at what his stance on issues is.  All of the issues brought up on this website are important to me.  Hopefully he can actually do something about them.”

– Bryan Marsh, Two Creeks Neighborhood


AFT Colorado
Colorado Academy of Family Physicians
Colorado AFL-CIO
Colorado Ceasefire
Colorado Contractors Association
Colorado Dental
Colorado Education Association
Colorado Professional Fire Fighters
Colorado State Conference of Electrical Workers
Colorado Voters for Animals
Colorado WINS
Conservation Colorado
Denver Plumbers Local #3
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Jefferson County Education Association
Midwest States UAW
NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado
National Association of Social Workers Colorado
One Colorado
Pipefitters Local 208
Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado
Secure PERA
Sierra Club
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters
Support Jeffco Kids

Lakewood Citizens
Deanna Hanna
Eric Mead
Francisco Flores
Jan Magid
Jeff Baysinger
John Beltrone
Jo-Marie Lisa
Katherine Hasfjord
Lorna Fox
Loyd Gerardot
Marilyn Hardy
Mary Snyder
Ray Sablatura
Renee Sanders
Samuel Guyton
Sheila Lucas
Stephen Burkholder
Suzanne Adams
Toni Hembree

2018 Care Access Award – Healthier Colorado
2018 Health Care Consumer Champion – Colorado Consumer Health Initiative
2017 Legislator of the Year – American Society of Landscape Architects

Other Colorado Citizens
Alice Atkins, Golden
Donald MacAlady, Golden
Helen Hurt, Littleton
Jemal Touba, Morrison
Lorraine Bowen, Arvada
Mary Ann Larsen, Arvada
Maryanne Keller, Wheat Ridge
Pauline York, Edgewater
Robert Wilson, Arvada
Ryne Fitzgerald, Denver
Saurabh Mangalik, Denver
Steven Pelican, Colorado Springs
Susan Schafer, Wheat Ridge


Elected Officials Serving Lakewood
Senator Michael Bennet
Congressman Ed Perlmutter & Nancy Perlmutter
Rep. Brittany Pettersen
Sen. Andy Kerr
Sen. Cheri Jahn
State Board of Education Member Jane Goff
CU Regent Irene Griego
Jeffco Commissioner Casey Tighe
Jeffco School Board President Ron Mitchell
Jeffco School Board Member Brad Rupert
Jeffco School Board Member Susan Harmon
Jeffco School Board Member Ali Lasell
Fmr. Jeffco School Board Member Jill Fellman
Fmr. Jeffco School Board Member Lesley Dahlkemper
Lakewood Councilor Dana Gutwein
Fmr. Rep. Gwyn Green
Fmr. Rep. Max Tyler
Fmr. Rep. Sue Schafer
Fmr. Sen. Betty Boyd
Fmr. Sen. Deanna Hanna
Fmr. Sen. Mike Feeley
Fmr. RTD Board Member Dave Ruchman
Fmr. Lakewood Councilor Cindy Baroway
Fmr. Lakewood Councilor Karen Kellen
Fmr. Lakewood Councilor Tom Quinn
Fmr. Lakewood Councilor Shakti
Fmr. Lakewood Councilor Sue King

Other Colorado Elected Officials
Speaker Crisanta Duran
House Minority Leader Alec Garnett
Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp
Rep. Jessie Danielson
Rep. Pete Lee
Rep. Susan Lontine
Rep. Millie Hamner
Rep. Dave Young
Rep. Mike Foote
Rep. Jonathan Singer
Rep. Faith Winter
Rep. Joann Ginal
Fmr. Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst
Fmr. Speaker Mark Ferrandino
Fmr. Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush
Fmr. Rep. Sara Gagliardi
Fmr. Rep. Jenise May
Fmr. Rep. Judy Solano
Sen. Dominick Moreno
Sen. Daniel Kagan
Sen. Irene Aguilar
Sen. Matt Jones
Sen. Nancy Todd
Sen. Rachel Zenzinger
Fmr. Senate Minority Leader Morgan Carroll
Fmr. Sen. Pat Steadman
Fmr. Sen. Mary Hodge
Fmr. Sen. Jeanne Nicholson
Fmr. Sen. Moe Keller
Fmr. Sen. Donna Johnson
Arvada Councilor Bob Fifer
Commerce City Councilor Steve Douglas
Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul
Fmr. Edgewater Mayor Kris Teegardin & Stacey Teegardin
Golden Mayor Marjorie Sloan
Golden Councilor Saoirse Charis-Graves
Fmr. Golden Mayor Jacob Smith
Fmr. Golden Councilor Karen Oxman
Fmr. Golden Councilor Bill Fisher
Westminster Councilor Anita Seitz
Westminster Councilor Emma Pinter
Westminster Councilor Maria de Cambra
Westminster Councilor Shannon Bird
Fmr. Westminster Councilor Alberto Garcia
Fmr. Wheat Ridge Councilor Monica Duran
Fmr. Wheat Ridge Treasurer Larry Schulz
West Metro Fire Board President Pam Feely
West Metro Fire Board Member Cassie Stenstrom
Adams County Commissioner Chaz Tedesco
Adams County Commissioner Eva Henry
Adams County Commissioner Steve O’Dorisio
Fmr. Jeffco Dems Chair Ann Knollman
Fmr. Jeffco Dems Chair Dwayne Stephens
Fmr. Jeffco Dems Chair Linda Rockwell

Colorado Professional Fire Fighters
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters
Denver Plumbers Local #3
Communications Workers of America CO/WY State Council
Pipefitters Local 208
United Food & Commercial Workers Local 7
One Colorado
Colorado Ceasefire
Colorado AFL-CIO
Colorado Education Association
Jefferson County Education Association
Jeffco Education Support Professionals Association
American Federation of Teachers
Service Employees International Union Local 105
Colorado Contractors Association
Secure PERA
Colorado Rural PAC
Sierra Club
Democracy for America
Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado
NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado
Support Jeffco Kids
Conservation Colorado
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Colorado State Conference of Electrical Workers
Colorado WINS
Colorado Voters for Animals
Freethought Equality Fund
Workers Compensation Education Association

Lakewood Citizens
Alicia Watson
Andrea Dezendorf
Angela Stephens
Ann Cowie-Bozner
Ann Rutkofsky
Ann Schmidt
Bob Zachman
Brent Fahrberger
Carmah Lawler
Carol Poole
Chad Waleik
Chris Radeff
Christine Laursen
Christopher Habgood
Craig Hughes
Dan & Dona Chilcoat
Deanna Hanna
Dick & Jo Bryant
Donna Lucero
David Lucas
Douglas Rachak
Edward Krug
Eloy Garduño
Eric Mead
Evelyn Drake
Francisco Flores
Gene Kalesti
Gordon Williams
Gwen-Ellyn Nordquist
Henry Hollender
Jacob Labure
Jan Magid
Jane Wallace Gibson
Jeanne Montgomery
Jeff Baysinger
Jeff & Gale Haley
Jeff Lamontagne
Jeremy Blubaugh
Joan Chavez
Joan Schultz
Joanne Bryant
Johann & Carmen Cohn
John & Nita Bradford
Jo-Marie Lisa
John Beltrone
Karen Kellen
Karen James
Katherine Hasfjord
Ky Lynch
Laura Chapin
Lauren Fortmiller & Pam Thiele
Linda Sundine
Lori Niquette
Lorna Fox
Luanne Margotte
Loyd Gerardot
Margene Stroup
Mary Snyder
Mary Wylie
Marilyn Hardy
Marilyn Scott
Michael Snow
Nancy McCanless
Ray Sablatura
Renee Sanders
Robin Baer
Robert Hickler
Roxanne Bradley
Saijai Choy
Samuel Guyton
Sandy James
Sandra Maben
Sharon Frenzen
Sheila Lucas
Stephen Burkholder
Suzanne Adams
Terry Tucker
Thomas Quinn
Thomas Sabel
Todd Strickland
Toni Hembree
William Palmer

Other Colorado Citizens
Jim & Mary Engelking, Applewood
Chuck Humphrey, Arvada
Cindy Kirby, Arvada
Dennis & MaryAnn Larsen, Arvada
George Valuck, Arvada
Jonna Levine, Arvada
Liz Geisleman, Arvada
Lorraine Bowen, Arvada
Mary Patee, Arvada
Samantha Walsh, Arvada
Shannon Fender, Arvada
Mike Weissman, Aurora
Tyler Chafee, Centennial
Aaron Greco, Denver
Aaron Silverstein, Denver
Audrey Kline, Denver
Chris Laughlin, Denver
Courtney Law, Denver
Jordan Wellington, Denver
Josh Hursa, Former President of the Denver Young Republicans
Lynea Hansen, Denver
Norma Ruth Ryan, Denver
Saurabh Mangalik, Denver
Pauline York, Edgewater
Janet Heck Doyle, Evergreen
Liz Harris & Debbie Jensen, Evergreen
Alice Atkins, Golden
Bob Broshears & Ruth Romero, Golden
Don MacAlady, Golden
Jim Dale, Golden
Judy Denison, Golden
Ray Goodhart, Golden
Sharon & John Trefny, Golden
Jemal Touba, Morrison
Don & Helen Hurt, South Jeffco
Ericka Salerno, South Jeffco
Hari Uttley, South Jeffco
John Flerlage, South Jeffco
Kyle Anderson, South Jeffco
Lucinda Schneller, South Jeffco
Mary Parker, South Jeffco
Jane & Bob Banzin, Westminster
Tonya Aultmann-Bettridge, Westminster
Michelle Patterson, Westminster
Ronald Abo, Wheat Ridge
Cindy Lay, Wheat Ridge
Judi Butz, Wheat Ridge
Maryann Keller, Wheat Ridge
Kathy Tolman, Wheat Ridge
Jennifer and Timothy Allport, Arvada
Cheryl Ames, Arvada
Charles and Myrta Anderson, Arvada
Shannon Bird, Westminster
Corley Bowen, Denver
Dee Buckley, Littleton
Margaret Chapman, Golden
Robert Croft, Crawford
Thomas Fitzgerald, Wheat Ridge
Timothy Fitzgerald, Wheat Ridge
Ronald Gallegos, Westminster
Melanie Gann, Denver
Nathan Golich, Westminster
Grace Griego, Golden
Marilou Griego, Westminster
Lily Griego, Wheat Ridge
Calvin Johnston, Littleton
Steven Pelican, Colorado Springs
Victoria Kennedy, Colorado Springs
Ann Knollman, Arvada
Jacki Lawrence, Littleton
Lisa McDivitt, Colorado Springs
Esther Noriega, Arvada
Frank DeAngelis, Arvada
Leah Horn, Denver
Cassie Perlmutter, Denver
Daniel Raktovich, Arvada
Linda Rockwell, Evergreen
Ricardo Rodriguez, Arvada
Carol Stafford, Golden
Ben Tobias, Denver
Bob Zachman, Littleton
Robert Wilson, Arvada
Dylan Roberts, Steamboat Springs
Lloyd Lewis, President & CEO of Arc Thriftstores
Johnnie Nguyen, Denver
Mike Renner, Boulder
Erin & Kyle Stovall, Littleton
Tammy Story, Indian Hills
Don & Mary Parker, Golden