Upcoming Meet-and-Greets!

Upcoming Meet-and-Greets!

While the Colorado legislature has been out of session since May, it’s been incredibly exciting to see the US Congress finally pass the Inflation Reduction Act which makes historic investments in fighting climate change, reducing energy bills, and bringing down the cost of health care and prescription drugs.

I’ve been busy campaigning this summer and I want to invite you to join me at one or more of three upcoming meet-and-greets. These aren’t fundraisers–they’re just opportunities for the people of House District 30 to come out and talk with me about their ideas and concerns for the future of Colorado!

Southeast Lakewood

  • Tue 9/6, 5:30-7:00pm
  • Lasley Park
    6677 W Florida Ave, Lakewood

Central Lakewood

  • Thu 9/8, 6:00-7:30pm
  • Home of Sandie Weathers
    8107 W Virginia Ave, Lakewood — across from Belmar Park

Edgewater & Northeast Lakewood

  • Sat 9/10, 1:00-2:30pm
  • Home of Allie Morgan & Brett McMillian
    2190 Jay St, Edgewater

Please email me at chris@kennedy4co.com to let me know which one you’d like to attend!


Cary, Phil, Jena, and Dave

Good morning!

While I’m uncontested in the Democratic Primary this year, there are plenty of decisions to make on your ballot including three statewide primaries. We’re lucky to have so many great Democrats stepping up to serve our communities. Here are the folks I’m supporting:

Cary Kennedy for Governor
Cary has devoted her entire career to public education and will make it Colorado’s #1 priority. She led the charge in 2000 to pass Amendment 23, the only constitutional amendment to truly push back against TABOR and drive a conversation about our need to invest in our kids’ future.

Cary supports creating a public health insurance option for any Coloradan to choose. She also supports Medicare for All at the federal level but knows we can’t wait for Washington to make this change. We need to take action in Colorado now.

Cary is committed to managing growth wisely, protecting our public lands, and increasing our renewable energy standard to make sure all Colorado utilities are transitioning away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible.

On top of all this, she’s just a great person. Her collaborative approach is exactly what we need in the governor’s office to make real progress for hard-working Coloradans.

Phil Weiser for Attorney General
I’m going to start with a fun fact. Phil started his post-law-school career clerking for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg! That’s right! The Notorious RBG!

Phil went on to work in President Bill Clinton’s justice department and President Barack Obama’s White House before returning to Colorado to serve as the Dean of CU Law School. He has worked on a wide range of issue from antitrust investigations to agricultural competition to civil rights litigation.

In these uncertain times, Phil knows that the rule of law is the biggest thing protecting our democracy from the threat of tyranny. He knows the law, and as Colorado’s AG, he will make sure to protect the things that make Colorado so special like our commitment to equal rights and our beautiful public lands.

Jena Griswold for Secretary of State
Ok, so Jena is unopposed on the primary ballot, but she’s have a tough general election in November so I thought I’d go ahead and say a few words. I met Jena when she was working on voter protection for the 2012 Obama reelection campaign. She’s smart, hard-working, and committed to the most fundamental element of our democracy – ensuring we have free and fair elections.

Dave Young for Treasurer
I have had the pleasure to serve in the State House with Dave, and I couldn’t be more pleased he’s running for State Treasurer. Dave has a heart of gold and has spent his eight years in the legislature fighting for public schools, increased services for people with disabilities, paid family leave, clean energy, gun safety, marriage equality, and more.

Dave spent most of his career as a math, science, and technology teacher in Greeley Public Schools. In the legislature, he served on the budget committee and knows our state’s finances inside and out.

As treasurer, Dave will responsibly manage our state’s investments and use his platform to advocate for TABOR reform, public education funding, and public banking.

I also have good relationships with a number of candidates for State House and Senate, so if you have questions about any of those races, feel free to email me and we can chat. For now, I’ll just plug two more folks running in Jeffco.

Kris Teegardin for House District 24
If you live in Golden, Wheat Ridge, or Edgewater, you’ve probably already meet Kris because he’s everywhere. I’ve known him since 2011 and have seen what a genuine person he is. He’s committed to making sure every hard-working Coloradan has great opportunities to pursue their dreams. He did a great job as Mayor of Edgwater, has been an advocate for underserved communities, and has been active in numerous local organizations including the Jefferson Success Pathway, the Child and Youth Leadership Commission, the Metro Mayors Caucus Homelessness and Hunger Committee, and JD1 Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee. He’s a true progressive and a great collaborator. We need him in the State House.

Shakti for House District 28
If you live in southern or eastern Lakewood, vote for Shakti – the candidate with just one name! When I got to know Shakti several years ago, I noticed she was quiet and assumed she was shy. But soon I learned that she’s quiet because she listens more than she talks, and she takes it all in before making a decision. Shakti served Lakewood well on our city council and is a passionate advocate for environmental sustainability, public education, and making sure seniors have all the services they need to retire in the comfort of their own communities. She will serve Lakewood well in the State House.

So there you have my opinions, for what they’re worth. Happy voting!



Primary Ballots Must Be Returned by 7:00pm on June 26th
You can find a full list of candidates on the primary ballot, anywhere in Colorado, here.
If you’re in Jeffco, find all the info you need about the primary election here at VoteJeffco.us.
Haven’t received your ballot? Verify your registration or call your county clerk’s office.