Accomplishments & Priorities

It’s been an incredible honor to serve as your state representative these last six years. During that time, we’ve accomplished so much to make people’s lives better from increasing our investments in public schools to reducing the high cost of health care to reducing our negative impact on the environment – and many of these accomplishments have been bipartisan.

These last few years have come with challenges I never expected. The COVID-19 pandemic and recession took center stage for a couple years, and we’ve continued efforts to help students recover from learning loss and to help people keep up with the cost of living, much of which has been driven by COVID-related economic disruptions.

In these difficult and uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to have representatives who will prioritize protecting those who need help the most. I first got involved in public service because I wanted to be in a position to change the world for the better, and I do my best every day to take on the tough decisions and make sure every hardworking Coloradan is able to support their family, be rewarded for their hard work, and get back to enjoying the Colorado way of life.

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Overview of Accomplishments 2017-2022

Legislation is a team effort, and I’ve enthusiastically supported the work of my colleagues including investing in education, transportation, and affordable housing; accelerating our transition to clean energy; making our schools safer; expanding mental health access; standing up for the rights of every Coloradan – voting rights, reproductive rights, rights to self expression, and more; reforming our criminal justice system; and protecting the clean air, clean water, and beautiful open spaces that make Colorado such a special place to live.

For my part, I’ve focused most of my efforts on health care reform, fiscal reform, climate change, and election systems. I’m most proud of my work on more robust cost transparency requirements for hospitals, a reinsurance program to reduce health insurance premiums on the individual market, a prescription drug affordability board, advancement of value-based payments and integration in primary care, stronger consumer protections at free-standing emergency departments, increased supports and protections for renters and utility customers, improved prevention and treatment for substance use disorders, initiatives to combat climate change, regulation of toxic air contaminants, and multiple innovative democracy reforms.


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