My name is Chris deGruy Kennedy, and I’ve been representing Jeffco in the State House for six years. Over that time, I’ve been working hard to make life better for you and for people across Colorado.

Saving you money on healthcare, housing, childcare, and more

  • Healthcare – More robust cost transparency requirements for hospitals, a reinsurance program to reduce health insurance premiums on the individual market, a prescription drug affordability board, stronger consumer protections at free-standing emergency departments, and advancement of value-based payments in primary care.
  • Housing – Increased supports for renters and utility customers, protections against unscrupulous landlords, substantial investments in building more affordable housing units, and a tax credit to help senior renters and owners stay in their homes.
  • Childcare – Larger tax credits to make it easier for families to afford childcare; full-day kindergarten, and expanded early childhood education
  • And more – Expanded child tax credit and earned income tax credit, increased TABOR refunds for regular families, and exempted social security income from the state income tax—all paid for by closing loopholes and making sure the wealthiest people and corporations pay their fair share.

Cleaning up our air

Cracked down on polluters by modernizing the regulation of toxic air contaminants, accelerated our transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, invested in electrifying buildings and vehicles, and expanded oversight of oil and gas operations.

Investing in our public schools

Fought for funding increases for K-12 and higher education, prioritized smaller class sizes and better pay for teachers, and supported apprenticeships and alternative pathways.

Protecting every woman’s right to safe, legal, and accessible abortion care

Passed a law guaranteeing safe abortion access in Colorado, made birth control more affordable by allowing women to pick up a 12 month supply, and defeated numerous Republican proposals that would ban abortion, create abortion registries, and make it more difficult for women to get the care they need.

Making our communities safer

Passed numerous common-sense gun violence prevention measures, cracked down on black market sales of catalytic converters, and addressed the root causes of crime by investing in behavioral health and substance use disorder services, homelessness, and creating economic opportunities.

If you really want to dig deep, check out this page for tons of information about the work we’ve done in each of my six sessions at the Capitol.

I hope you reelect me this November so I can continue working for you!

Feel free to email me at with any questions or ideas!