Election Day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020, but you’ll have a chance to vote much sooner than that!

Confirm Your Registration
The first thing you’ll want to do is check to make sure your voter registration is up to date!

All Colorado registered voters will receive a mail ballot automatically. Ballots are sent out starting October 9th, and should arrive in your mailbox no later than the 16th. If you have not gotten your ballot by October 19th, contact your County Clerk’s office.

If you’re not registered, you can register online at www.GoVoteColorado.com until October 26th and you can register in person at a vote center until 7:00 p.m. on Election Day. To vote, you must be a U.S. Citizen, 18 years of age, and a resident of Colorado for at least 22 days before November 3, 2020.

October 26th is also the last day to call and request a ballot to be mailed to you, though you’d be cutting it really close. After the 26th, please plan to vote in-person.

Check Our Your Sample Ballot
You can see your sample ballot when confirming your registration at the link above. You can find your sample ballot here, or see Jeffco’s all-inclusive sample ballot here.

Research the Candidates
Learn about Jeffco’s Democratic candidates and Republican candidates.

Research Ballot Measures
In addition to candidates, you’ll see quite a few statewide and local measures on the ballot. For the statewide ballot measures, you should have already received your blue book in the mail. Either way, you can view it online now:  2020 State Ballot Information Booklet. For more information, I also recommend Progress Now Colorado’s voter guide. I will soon be writing up my recommendations in a blog post. Stay tuned.

There are also a few local issues on the ballot. Here’s what you’ll see if you live in Lakewood:

  • City of Lakewood: Ballot Question 2B – If approved, this measure will allow the existing medical marijuana retailers in Lakewood to begin selling recreational marijuana as well. Learn more here.
  • Foothills Park & Rec District: Ballot Question 6E: If approved, this measure will continue the existing mill levy used to fund the district’s operations. Learn more here.

Vote Right Away
When you get your ballot, please make sure to complete it, sign the affidavit on the envelope, and mail it back right away. Postage requirements vary from county to county, but you’ll be safe with two first-class stamps (but don’t lose sleep if you mailed it back with just one; that’s usually enough). If this is your first time voting by mail, you may receive a letter with your ballot instructing you to submit a photocopy of one of the acceptable forms of ID. You can check online to see if your ballot was received at BallotTrax.

To be safe, we recommend putting your ballot in the mail by October 26th. After that, it’s better to drop it off in person to be 100% sure it arrives at the clerk’s office by 7:00pm on November 3rd.

Find Your Vote Center or Ballot Drop-Off Locations
If you prefer to drop off your ballot, you can do so at one of several polling centers or ballot drop boxes. Visit VoteJeffCo.com for locations near you.

Vote centers open on Monday, October 19th, and will be open on weekdays and some Saturdays through Election Day (with even more locations open on Tuesday, November 3). At these locations, you can register, drop off a mail ballot, request a replacement ballot, or vote using either a paper ballot or ADA accessible voting equipment. Voting in person will nullify your mail ballot. Hours vary at each location, so be sure to check first on the VoteJeffCo Map.

It is okay to drop off someone else’s completed ballot. If you plan to return a ballot from your neighbor, family member, friend, or another person, remember than you can only drop off 10 ballots from other people.

For more information, please contact the Jeffco Clerk and Recorder’s office at (303) 271-8111, via email, or on the web at  www.VoteJeffco.com. Find additional information about Colorado elections on the Colorado Secretary of State webpage: https://www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/elections/electionInfo.html

Track Your Ballot
Consider signing up for email, text, or phone alerts that notify you when your ballot has been received.

NEW: Colorado Voters Will Be Able to Fix Ballot Issues Via Text
If there’s an issue with your ballot this year, you’ll be notified by mail as usual, but you now have the option to text a new program run by the Secretary of State’s office to fix the issue. Of course, if you prefer the traditional method of fixing a ballot issue via USPS, that option will still be available. More information will be provided to you if your ballot is flagged with an issue.
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