Next Steps

What an incredible night! As we watched the results roll in, I could hardly believe my eyes. Turnout in Jeffco ended up exceeding 70% — a record for a midterm election — and voters elected Democrats all and passed progressive ballot measures all across the state. I’m very proud to have been reelected and am excited to serve a second term in the Colorado House of Representatives!

For me, it felt like the result of months of hard work by so many volunteers knocking on doors, making phone calls, writing postcards, and more. But more broadly, it felt like a sign that Colorado voters wanted leaders focused on solving problems together rather than turning us against each other.

I’m feeling very hopeful about the progress we’re going to make over the next two years in Colorado. Even though things are feeling very uncertain at the federal level, here we can ensure equal rights for all, advance opportunities for those working hard to support their families, and protect our clean air, clean water, and beautiful public lands for the next generation.

On Thursday, the House Democratic caucus gathered to elect our new leadership team, and I was elected Assistant Majority Leader! I’m so excited to work alongside Speaker-designate KC Becker, Majority Leader Alec Garnett, and our entire 41-member caucus to make sure Colorado remains a place where everyone who works hard and does their fair share has great opportunities to be successful and enjoy the Colorado way of life.

Thanks for entrusting me again to represent you at the capitol. Make sure to send me your thoughts and ideas at

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