Bill would share data EMTs gather on patients

Bill would share data EMTs gather on patients

By Charles Ashby (February 6, 2018)

DENVER — It seemed a no-brainer idea to Rep. Dan Thurlow. Health care providers already have access to individual patients’ medical histories, but not information gathered by emergency medical technicians.

A bill the Grand Junction Republican introduced with Rep. Chris Kennedy, a Denver Democrat, would fix that. That measure, HB1032, would require the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to make individualized patient data from emergency medical service providers available to all health information computer networks.

“I refer to this bill as merely a business process bill,” Thurlow said in arguing for the bill in the House, which gave preliminary approval to the measure Monday.

“There’s a health information exchange system, which is now in place,” he added. “There’s one piece missing with the information that comes into the exchange, it’s the emergency medical system information that’s already being collected. Every time you ride in an ambulance there’s a trip sheet, and that information is going to CDPHE, but that’s not where it needs to be.”

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