Meet Chris

My name is Chris Kennedy, and I’m honored to serve as the State Representative for Colorado House District 23. Since first being elected in 2016, I  am approaching the end of my third term in the State House. I am humbled by the support from so many of you who have elected me. and I look forward to continuing to serve you.

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(Pictured here with my wife, Kyra, and our dogs, Luthien and Jobin)

Accomplishments & Priorities

It’s been an incredible honor to serve as your state representative these last six years. During that time, we’ve accomplished so much to make people’s lives better from increasing our investments in public schools to reducing the high cost of health care to reducing our negative impact on the environment – and many of these accomplishments have been bipartisan.

2020 brought unique challenges with an unprecedented global pand}emic, and my top priorities have been helping Coloradans recovery from the pandemic/recession, supporting our schools, and bringing down the high costs (especially of health care & housing) that are making it harder for hard-working folks to get ahead. Read more  here.

Chris Kennedy